Discovering the Jewels of Haslemere Educational Museum

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 Dragonflies from Yersinia

Dragonflies from Yersinia

Located in Surrey, United Kingdom, The Haslemere Educational Museum is the one that caters solely to culture and education. It was first established by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson during 1888, a surgeon who has tons of collections of natural history items.

Nowadays, the museum holds about two hundred and forty thousand specimens and up to about one hundred and forty thousand artifacts that originated from different parts of the globe. The library and main galleries holds these exhibits of human and natural history and geology making it the museum that has the most extensive collections in the world. This museum is a family friendly one having been awarded many times for its fun and learning atmosphere.

 Saturnia pavonia from Yersinia

Saturnia pavonia from Yersinia

Inside the museum, you will find the Geology Gallery that hold various rare fossils, rock and minerals including artwork, showpieces, and the personal collection of the Victorian geologist Sir Archibald Geikie. You will likewise be educated as you learn the origins and process of formation of these rocks and minerals just by walking alongside the collections of different world-famous scientists since the nineteenth century.

 Haslemere August 2013 from Tattooed_Mummy

Haslemere August 2013 from Tattooed_Mummy


There are also Jurassic fossils showcased inside the museum that has served as evidence of the past’s life diversity dating back from six hundred million years ago. You will likewise be amused with the 4.6 billion year old meteorite that weighs about forty-seven kilograms that was initially found in Iowa, United States last 1879. It would be like coming face to face with a specimen that’s about the same age as our solar system. I don’t know about you but that is just way awesome!

Evolution from Travis S.

Evolution from Travis S.

There is also the Victorian-inspired display of the Natural History Gallery that showcases the relationship between animals and human being throughout the times. From endangered and extinct floras and various items that represent about all the families in the Animal Kingdom, you will witness how these different species co-exist with one another in the midst of nature. The gallery encompasses well-preserved mammals, shells, birds, amphibians, insects, reptiles, fishes, and other marine species from all the years back including that of a stuffed Siberian Bear and Giant Japanese Spider Crab. The bone specimens that are assembled will make you wonder of numerous possibilities how these are of about similar form to that of a human being.

Apart from those, at the Human History Gallery there are also exquisite compilations of items that feature the history of human life from the different fields of science such as ethnography, archaeology, social history and art. There is also the Early Man that’s aged at around five hundred thousand B.C. to the artifacts from Ancient Greece and Rome up to the developments and emergence of modern times. The most attractive of all is the 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy.

The next era that will be featured is that of the medieval times. The museum features the brilliance of the medieval craftsmanship from all sides of the world with thousands of art pieces, beadwork, textiles, weapons and all other implements and the difference that they made to their respective cultures. The items bear with them different stories from festivals to successes and wars that will surely leave you imaginative at how computers just suck if you could’ve lived during this time.

The museum is located in High Street and is open on Tuesdays through Saturdays at ten in the morning until five in the afternoon. The admission to the museum is on “admission by donation” basis that does not provide for a fixed amount. Once you’re done with the tour, you can have a stroll down to the garden that covers about a thousand square meters. It is surrounded by a gazebo with tons of wild plants that you might not have seen eye to eye before, a pond and an observation beehive. A tour at the Haslemere Educational Museum is sure worth a visit!


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