Carlisle Bay, Barbados: Where Tranquility Happens

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 Onboard 'Morning Love' from TobyC69

Onboard ‘Morning Love’ from TobyC69

Located at the southwest region of Barbados, Carlisle is one of the vastest beaches in the country. Since it is part of the absolutely beautiful island of Barbados, being the best site for the best beach spots, Carlisle Bay is most definitely the most prominent among all.

 Seahorse in Carlisle Bay from Noodlefish

Seahorse in Carlisle Bay from Noodlefish

It is not just a scenic bay but also serves as a marine park that has garnered the attention of scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Its waters holds tons of marine life, exquisite ship wrecks and old relics such as pylons, cannon balls, anchors, bottles and chests that make Carlisle Bay perfect for fun diving. Truly, this area is not only of essential natural value but also holds historical significance.

There are six main dives that you can choose from in Carlisle Bay. Some of these dive sites holds ship wrecks dating back from the early to the late 1900s. Some of which are name Ce.Trek, Barge, Berwind, Wolf or Cornwallis, Bajan Queen and Eillion. When they were once majestic ships now serves as a home to tons of marine life. Most of the sites can cater to beginner divers because of their shallow state. However, those experienced divers can still find these sites as pleasing as ever. If you don’t like scuba diving as much, you can still engage in snorkeling by the waters at Carlisle Bay. Marine life such as sea horses, eels, bat fish, frog fish, schooling fish and groupers are usually found here at the Carlisle Bay.

 70 Barbados Carlisle Bay 3-25-11 from humberbmw3

70 Barbados Carlisle Bay 3-25-11 from humberbmw3

This area is the perfect place to enjoy relaxation as it is not crowded with many tourists at a time. It can be visited by many people during the weekends, tourists and locals alike, but still, you will have that serene feel amidst the people because of the atmosphere. It is also convenient to stay at the entire day because it has parking area, changing rooms, showers and toilets as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about accidents too because there are stationed lifeguards daily. You are sure to enjoy a fine swim time here.

 Bridgetown, Barbados from Nefi

Bridgetown, Barbados from Nefi

Apart from its magnificent beaches, this town is also very accommodating as it is packed with restaurants, shops, and a snack bar which leaves you the luxury not to travel elsewhere just to eat or shop. One of the most popular restaurants in Carlisle Bay is the one called the Whispers On The Bay where you can eat either Asian or Caribbean inspired dishes.

In going to Carlisle Bay, simply make your way out of Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital. It is easily seen because you can see boats and yachts that are ducked at its shores. Bridgetown is less than a mile away from Carlisle Bay so you can reach it by driving or even just by walking.

 blurry atlantic from kilcolman

blurry atlantic from kilcolman

Driving could get you sooner to the area but most of the tourists would love to walk in going to Carlisle beach; not just because it’s a healthy exercise but because you will get to savor the scenery more if you were just to hike in going there. If you do choose to hike, you will pass by attractions such as the Empire Theatre and the Errol Barrow Statue which are both essential historical landmarks of the town. There are four other beaches that surround Carlisle Bay which you may also find visit-worthy. Such beaches are Browne’s Brach, Pebbles Beach, Needham’s Point and Adventure Beach.


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