23 Fun Things to Do In Costa Rica

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A small country of Costa Rica holds the world’s most beautiful natural treasures, from wildlife reserves, magnificent beaches and isolated areas of paradise, every traveler will surely love spending a week’s vacation here and not think of ever coming home again! Here are the most enjoyable activities at amazing destinations that one traveler should definitely try while visiting this beautiful country of Costa Rica.


 Coastline in Corcovado National Park from MiguelVieira

Coastline in Corcovado National Park from MiguelVieira

The Corcovado National Park is Uvita, Costa Rica’s  landmark destination for tourists. It is one of the world’s most biodiversive rainforest that is also accessible to humans. Here, you will find jaguars, monkeys, the rarest species of  birds and many more,

A tour will offer services to tourists such as making it possible for you to hike your way through its trail paths safely while observing the wild creatures making their way through the day. You may even do tree climbing on its tallest trees that are probably hundreds of years old!

Other spots in the Uvita area are the Caño Island Biological Reserve and Violines Island where you may spend your day snorkeling and swimming in its clear waters. There is also the choice of swimming with the whales or dolphins by snorkeling or just watching them swim through the waters.

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 27e San Jose - Colours Oasis Resort - Gr from Kansas Sebastian

27e San Jose – Colours Oasis Resort – Gr from Kansas Sebastian

San Jose is where most people arrive and depart from Costa Rica internationally. I’m betting it’s where you’d take your stop even. Despite its busy municipality, San Jose has great nature activities to choose from!

You may avail of a multi-day rafting excursion which would allow the tourists to participate in the most exciting activities that you could have anywhere else but in the Pacuare River Valley. During this tour, you will get to do rafting, be part of a canopy tour, hiking and have an educational experience as you will be introduced and told of the community conservation efforts to bring the town’s natural gifts preserved and recognized as the world’s best.

Aside from that multi-day tour, you may also get to go mountain biking at the Northern Volcanic Range and enjoy the picturesque views of the tropical beaches at the Pacific Coast. There is also the Rio Celeste (Blue River) that’s also very worthwhile to visit. To top it off, you may have a seafood dinner on a tropical beach.

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 Arenal Volcano Plume, Arenal, Costa Rica from Andrew Morrell Photography

Arenal Volcano Plume, Arenal, Costa Rica from Andrew Morrell Photography

Arenal is where the famous Arenal Volcano  can be found. It is also one of the most exciting places to visit in Costa Rica for many adventure travelers since it offers high-level adventure excursions both for the family and for the enthusiasts as well.

First off, get your energy drinks ready for this one’s going to be a tough one! Repelling down the waterfalls and swinging over white-water rapids of the Northern Lowlands near the base of the volcano will surely get your spirits up! It may be for athletics but the scenery that you’ll get to enjoy while doing this fun activity is altogether unforgettable.

You may also go canyoneering during a half-day tour through Arenal’s waterfalls, streams and lush rainforests. Repelling down the side cliffs, getting wet at the streams and walking across hanging bridges are also ways to go while spending your time at Arenal.

If you are planning on visiting this place along with your family, you may also enjoy a 4×4 pure trek canyoneering with your kids for thirty minutes through the tropical rainforest by the Arenal Volcano as well.

For the professional and expert hikers, you may enjoy an intense hike to the dormant Cerro Chato Volcano. Due to its challenging routes,  only those experienced hikers are encouraged.

If you want to explore Arenal aside from trekking, you may also do horseback riding through the forests, kayaking and mountain biking anywhere in Arenal.

Since Arenal also is home to the Venado Caves, you may also enjoy cave exploration into its underground rivers.

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 Pozo Azul, Canopy-Tour from m.prinke

Pozo Azul, Canopy-Tour from m.prinke

Go white water rafting at the Sarapiqui River and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the places, observe wildlife creatures roam around their habitat and be very active in exploring the natural wonders of the rainforest.

You may avail of tours that involve rappelling down a ninety foot rock wall going towards a magnificent river canyon.

Go horseback riding and cross streams, roam around the forests and climb mountains on horseback.

As usual, hiking may also be enjoyed here through the Hacienda Pozo Aziul which comprises of tropical rainforests, quiet pastures, clear rivers and majestic waterfalls.

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 Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica from eutrophication&hypoxia

Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica from eutrophication&hypoxia

Here at Nicoya, you will get to enjoy and explore at the same time as you visit the underground  caves at the Barra Honda National Park. You will get to appreciate how marvelous the caves are carved by nature and discover the many possibilities that one can enjoy while roaming around its mysterious corners.

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 15q Rainmaker Conservation Project - Riv from Kansas Sebastian

15q Rainmaker Conservation Project – Riv from Kansas Sebastian

As mentioned above, Costa Rica is home to magnificent beaches that are the most visited by tourists worldwide. The Manuel Antonio is home to these world-class beaches and many more such as national parks and clubs that will make your dream vacation extra spicy.

First off, you may fly off from one point to the other as you were  like a hero with superpowers through a one kilometer, double-cabled zipline.

The Savergre River that is one of the clearest in the country is surrounded by rich vegetation and  meandering waters that may be enjoyed to the fullest by rafting.

Since horseback riding is the most preferred means of transportation while exploring Costa Rica, ride on with a tour guide as you will  familiarize yourself with how Manuel Antonio came to be known as a very admired tourist destination.

You may also go on a hiking trip through the Manuel Antonio National Park where you will see firsthand the various species of monkeys, sloths, coatimundis and so much more.

The Damas Island estuary, having mangrove forests in the ocean waters that meet fresh water rivers creating an underwater rooting system among the trees is also one place that’s nice to cruise by to.

Last but not the least, you may also go fishing, as a sport, and work your way into catching the heaviest among all the fishes in the area and win a spectacular prize as well.

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 Tamarindo Estuary Tour from sprain

Tamarindo Estuary Tour from sprain

Tamarindo is the perfect place for beach lovers who want to relax by the beach or have fun at night while partying. It is home to the best surfing waves as well. SO surfing, is the best and most favorite activity among all the tourists who visit around here.

You may paddle your way from Tamarindo to the Captain island and enjoy snorkeling in the Guanacaste region.

You may also go Sportfishing with Tamarindo’s most experienced captains on high quality sea crafts.

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 Hitching a ride from janeyesee

Hitching a ride from janeyesee

Jaco is Costa Rica’s most populated beach area. It is located by beautiful hills and is also abundant with Scarlet Macaws.

Since it is abundant with wildlife, the first best thing to do here would be going on a tour at the Transitional Tropical Rainforest where you may search for tropical birds and other wildlife creatures. It is where bird enthusiasts love to come by as there are so many different kinds of colorful birds roaming around its premises such as  tanagers, warblers, Euphoni, toucans, Scarlet Macaws and more.

For those traveling with family, it would be an educational tour for the children as the guides will  tell you stories and facts that will inspire them about the natural world and rainforest biodiversity.

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 CostaRicaBeachCruiser from Romano Martino

CostaRicaBeachCruiser from Romano Martino

This area of Costa Rica has unique and different climates from the rest of the country’s beaches. Many vacationers will find that the area of the coast running form Puerto Viejo’s black sand bay to Manzanillo’s beautiful white sand beach would encompass unspoiled, untouched and true to life naturally beautiful beaches. Punta Uva, a beach which is located three miles to the south is considered as the most beautiful. It’s the perfect place to enjoy activities such as sun bathing, snorkeling, or just getting a tan.

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 Vacaciones 2008 - Hotel Bahía del Sol - from mdverde

Vacaciones 2008 – Hotel Bahía del Sol – from mdverde

Located at the center of Costa Rica’s golden coast is the Playa Potrero. The beach is a huge, half-moon shaped bay by a fishing town. It is surrounded with magnificent beaches including Conchal, Flamingo, Penca, Sugar Beach and Preita. Activities such as snorkeling, sport fishing, and kayaking may be enjoyed here.

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 Dreadlock Surfer - Playa Hermosa - Jaco, from ChrisGoldNY

Dreadlock Surfer – Playa Hermosa – Jaco, from ChrisGoldNY

As famous as the beaches in Costa Rica are, here in the Playa Hermosa, you get to enjoy a  relaxing view of the magnificent beach as it is known to be a quiet beachside community making it safe for activities such as swimming.

Adventure activities that are best enjoyed in this area include scuba diving, boat tours and kayaking.

For the best activity of all, grab your surf boards and swerve through its constant and perfect waves fit for the sport.

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 IMG_2122 from streetphotos

IMG_2122 from streetphotos

Malpais is one of Costa Rica’s most dynamic surfing destinations to date. It is ideal for both beginners and experts of the sport.

Other than surfing, this place is also jampacked with international restaurants, yoga sessions and a variety of hotel accommodations to choose from that are located just about a walk away from the shores.

Activities that are best enjoyed here include swimming, hiking or  just laying by the sand and savoring the relaxing breeze of the sea. Its relaxing experiences are great for family bonding time.

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 bucket of beer - isla tortuga, costa ric... from wowitsstephen

bucket of beer – isla tortuga, costa ric… from wowitsstephen

Similar to the peaceful feel of the previous beach, Montezuma is also a relaxing beach destination in Costa Rica. What makes it extra special is that its beaches are just a small distance away from waterfalls that are perfect to dive in with its cool waters that are surely relaxing for those who just want to have a peaceful and serene experience.

Even if Montezuma is a small town, it is still home to a high number of  quality restaurants that will surely make your vacation tasteful and savory.

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 Las Tortugas Lodge trail to beach, Playa from Wha'ppen

Las Tortugas Lodge trail to beach, Playa from Wha’ppen

Opposite from Montezuma, Playa Grande has a larger and wider area that’s best visited by surfers due to its consistent waves. Here, you may also find the Marino Las Baulas National Park, a marine sanctuary created to protect the nesting sires of giant Leatherback turtles. These beautiful creatures’ population have been getting smaller through the ages which urged the locality to protect its species.

While visiting here, you may enjoy surfing or acquire for surfing lessons if you’re the beginner type or you may experience first hand how leatherback turtles lay their eggs at night. Be amazed at how they even grow so large! If you’re lucky, you may even witness the eggs crack while the little baby turtles make their way back to the shore. Surely, that will be an experience that you will carry on for the rest of your life as you will not get to see such anywhere else in the world.

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 Samara, Costa Rica from kellan

Samara, Costa Rica from kellan

The beach town of Samara is a desirable balance to that of a Costa Rican atmosphere with a down to earth gringo presence. From its tips, there are large beaches going up to about three miles and a number of other ones found nearby. The northern part of the area composes of the Playa Barigones while the south has the Carillo and Punta Islita.

Various activities may be enjoyed here such as horseback riding, biking, kayaking, snorkeling and fishing.

Along the Buena Vista River, you may go kayaking through its waters on a guided tour and see varieties of bird species and other creatures roaming around its area.

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 Y fin del viaje.... from Víctor Bautista

Y fin del viaje…. from Víctor Bautista

The Dominical area is most famous for its consistent and majestic surf waves making it also an ideal destination for surf enthusiasts. The shores are often packed with the locals flaunting their daily catch of large fishes. Because the area is unspoiled by modern development, you will also enjoy just sitting around the beach, watching the sunset and savoring the very beauty of nature.

The town offers a wide array of accommodations and dining choices to choose from,  catering to luxurious  or budget travelers alike.

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 Casado! from sean94110

Casado! from sean94110

Cahuita is another laid back and relaxing communities of Costa Rica. It has a magnificent fishing village that has magnificent views set at the edge of the Cahuita National Park and Beach. The villagers take pride at maintaining one of the country’s cleanest beaches and healthiest bays in all of Costa Rica.

Apart from the tempting beaches are the best restaurants that offer traditional Caribbean food, fresh seafood with friendly locals catering to every vacationer’s needs. You will surely get the best taste of what Costa Rica is all about at this place.

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The misty cloud forests of Monteverde are some of the most visited and accessible of its kind all over the world, even compared to the famous Amazon. It has a dense canopy foliage and tons of flora and fauna making it one of the best hiking destinations in the country. It also caters to different types of activities for tourists to enjoy such as ziplining, walking across suspension bridges overlooking the forests at the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, horseback riding and a visit to exquisite museums and species exhibits. Not only does this place attract vacationers, biologists from all over the world are also fascinated with its rich wildlife resources.

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 Male Resplendent Quetzal from rwarrin

Male Resplendent Quetzal from rwarrin

San Gerardo de Dota is located in a mountainous river valley making it the perfect place for all types of birds to call this area their habitat. Cloud forests trail along both ends of the valley that attract these unique and colorful bird species.

You will not encounter too much nightlife here since it caters more to the natural aspect of its rich wildlife. However, for those explorers who are attracted with lush forests and hikers who love to explore untouched places will surely get a kick out of this place. Bird watching and hiking along its premises are the most enjoyed activities here.

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Rincon de la Vieja , Costa Rica from Nouhailler

Rincon de La Vieja has been changing over time and time again making it the most dynamic destination in Costa Rica. Vacationers will find that there are tons of natural resources that are present here where they could experience an adventure of a lifetime. There are waterfalls, active volcano, accessible hiking trails, mud baths and hot springs that are surrounded by scenic views of the mountainous environment.

You may feel like you’re in a spa while you take a dip at the mud baths, just that you’re actually in nature and not within the limited establishment of a man-made spa. How great is that?

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 Agalychnis callidryas - Michel - Tortug from michel-candel

Agalychnis callidryas – Michel – Tortug from michel-candel

For those who are traveling seeking for ecotourism destination spots, Tortuguero is the place for you. As the name says, it is the resting place for giant sea turtles such as Green, Leatherback, Hawksbill and Loggerheads.

This place may only be visited by boat or by air giving a unique journey for those who are accustomed to land transportation to the canals. In fact, there are no available cars in Tortuguero making transportation viable only though a boat ride through its glassy oceanic water. Now, that’s a true nature trip right there!

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 IMG_1716 from The.Rohit

IMG_1716 from The.Rohit

Do you see that picture? When have you ever seen a waterfall dropping down to waters of sky blue in color? Isn’t that magnificently beautiful? Here in Rio Celeste, you will see and enjoy this awesome view of true to life Eden with an impossibly sky blue waters.

Below the Tenorio Volcano, apart from the beautiful Rio Celeste, are hot springs and geyser containing the forests in the area. Hiking trails circle around the national park that lead to the volcano’s summit.

Accommodations are available at a nearby peaceful and pleasant town of Bijagua, located near this magnificent volcano.

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 Fruit Loops Anyone? from igormazic

Fruit Loops Anyone? from igormazic

For  the ultimate nature experience, visit down to Liberia where 850 species  of migratory and native birds live. It is without a doubt the perfect place to go birding. Go on a tour and be accompanied by a tour guide in search of those birds that are rare or those which are exceptionally too beautiful to not miss seeing such as the Cattle Egret, Crested Caracara, Laughing Falcon and the Squirrel Cuckoo.

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